Just Jump In!!!

23 Sep

For months, I’ve been talking internally and externally about starting a blog. The mental battle of what to write about haunted me to the point that I suppressed the thought for weeks at a time.  My friend heard me rant about things that irritated me and I yelled at her, “Now you got me started!”  She said, “That should be your blog title!”  At first, I was all for it.  For once, there was clarity.  No, there were no parting of clouds and the sunrays blessed me as a sign.  It was just a little more direction of where to go. After sitting on that idea for a few days, then a few weeks, I nixed the idea.  I realized that I don’t have that many pet peeves, or do I want to present myself as an ornery, uptight human being.  There are enough of those out there.

So what do I talk about?  Politics? Naw.  Religion? Uh-uh.  Beyonce? Nope, because even though I have no desire to be like her, I do want to shake my tail feather like her. Isn’t it random I put Beyonce after politics and religion? Are you wondering why? No reason. I’m just random like that. What is amazing to me are the strong emotions people have about her. People! She puts on her underwear just like you and I! Get over it! I don’t know the tweeter trends or the latest hot spots, but I know people who are and as long as I am connected to them and can ask what is the latest and greatest, I consider myself cool.

What I will talk about is this liberating feeling of actually writing this first blog.  I’m doing it!  I’m actually writing down my thoughts to share with the world (well, really only sharing with those who open this link cause you are now my world) and hoping you don’t say I suck and stick to my day job.  Even if you do say that, I will be ok because it will help me to develop the thick skin they tell writers to get.

This blog is for the fearful dreamer.  Those of you who have ideas and dreams to do something that you think will bring you joy but are afraid for various reasons to start.  Are you a procrastinator?  Do you believe highly in others and not so much in yourself?  Have you found any and every excuse to not take that first step or leap? Well, let this day of reading this blog inspire you to DO IT ALREADY!!! If you are looking for happiness or an outlet from your daily routine, start that thing that you’ve been dreaming about at work or in the bathroom, searching extensively online about, clipping pictures of, or just driving your friends and family crazy about. Guess what? They will support you especially because they will see that it is making you happy and surprise! They will want to be around you more because you’re giving off mones (harmones, pheromones, all types of mones!).  JUST JUMP IN!!!

I’m not trying to give you that kick in the butt because we all move at our own speed, but I know this feeling I have right now, I don’t ever want to give it up and if you want your own natural high, start today. Now. At this moment. JUST JUMP IN and good luck! Share with me what you started. I’d love to hear it.



5 Responses to “Just Jump In!!!”

  1. Erania Pruitt September 24, 2012 at 12:20 am #

    Love it, Marcia! …And, proud of you for jumping in and doing it! I’m looking forward to reading more from you! (Now, let me think of some things where I should “Just Jump In”)

  2. Nicky September 26, 2012 at 2:19 pm #

    Guess who’s proud of this girl? Oh…that would be me. I’m so happy you’re writing…live your dream sweets.

  3. Adonica September 28, 2012 at 10:33 pm #

    Awesome job Marcia!! I was just talking to someone today about “What are you waiting for??” as we’re planning some good things too. Perfection can be a “perfect” excuse for procrastination and I can certainly relate to that. So I’m jumping in to create great things for women. Action is inspiration in itself! Just launch and you’ll figure out the rest…

    With love + light!! xo


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