Reading is Forgotten

20 Feb

My spirit and mind thrives to explore yet, my body is bored

My senses are intrigued and thirst for new

My ability to travel are far and few

But it doesn’t halt me.


You see I can escape to anywhere I want to go

From the Caribbean beach to a cabin in the snow

All I have to do is open a book and take a look

The answers are hidden within.


Guys, I implore you to bring reading back into your lives and the lives of children you love. Even though we live in the day of so much technology to occupy our minds with senseless shows and games, we need to continue to engage our minds with literature to develop ourselves. Wouldn’t it be nice to discuss something other than The Real Housewives of Any City U.S.A.? Take a look at the New York Times Best Seller list and start this week! Share with me what you are reading these days.

book lounge


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