The Resurrection of Letter Writing

28 Feb


It was a beautiful day outside. I opened the blinds and welcomed the sun into my home. I thought this would be the perfect day to go for a walk, see what the world was doing, and just take it all in. As I was walking towards my closet to get my sneakers, I glanced at my college ruled notebook on the chair. I picked it up and started skimming through it and thought about that time in my life and the people involved. I smiled at the memories and the next thing I know, I was writing a letter.

Three hours later, I finished writing five letters.

I couldn’t help myself. You know how you log on to Facebook or Twitter and you lose yourself to time and sometimes foolishness? (Yes, you do!) Well, I lost time expressing my thoughts and sincere love for those people in my life. I didn’t miss going outside for that walk. There would be more sunny days. Writing those letters flooded my thoughts of memories of passing notes in class in elementary school all the way to high school. I remember feeling the imprint on the paper because we would write with such intensity. My friends had to know I liked so and so; or if we were meeting up later and where. We used any paper we could find – even the paper towel/napkins in the bathroom would be the foundation of our monologues expressing grief of pages of homework or whom we loathed that week. I was especially fond of receiving letters from my family in Jamaica. The first thing I would do is close my eyes and deeply inhale the letter. My Mom would look at me with furrowed brows as I blurted, “It smells like Jamaica.”

I don’t think Mom understood what that meant to me. Those handwritten letters evoked strong, personal emotions. They helped me to relive my visits with my loved ones from playing hand games with my cousins to eating mangos with my Grandfather that he specifically cut up for me. The paper also literally would smell like the country where they were produced. Letters propel you to write and think more with your heart than your brain. They are a beautiful surprise to receive in the mail amongst the junk and bills. You can’t rush through a letter. You must take your time to read and absorb it.

I wish this blog were handwritten so you could know how I feel for this lost art. I implore you to write a letter to someone today. So what your handwriting looks like you write with your knuckles, it’s ok! Go. Write. Today. There are so many pros to writing. Everyone is happy – ok well most are happy…ok, I’m happy. There are only two cons I can think of: writing a letter that delivers horrible news and buying stamps. I would like to think people would deliver horrible news in person or over the phone (not via text) and people can go to the Post Office to purchase a book of stamps. They’re stamps! So what? They’re self-adhesive so you don’t have to lick ‘em!

When was the last time someone received a handwritten letter from you? I would tell you to write me but I’m not giving you my address.


3 Responses to “The Resurrection of Letter Writing”

  1. Cynthia February 28, 2013 at 3:00 pm #

    I love writing letters. I send notes, letters as cards to my family and friends all the time. I love stationery and pens and have more than I need. I love reviving letters though I don’t get too many. Most respond to my notes via email, text or phone. I may need to start gifting stationery to folks. Letter writers can save USPS 🙂 Lets start a campaign! LOL

    • marciascribbles February 28, 2013 at 3:12 pm #

      LOL. I’m a fan of stationery as well. This idea probably can save the USPS!

  2. Janice February 28, 2013 at 11:11 pm #

    I love getting hand written letters and cards in the mail. Until recently my Mom was the only one who sent me letters. I love see the curve of her script and read the expressiveness of her thoughts…she sends me birthday cards every year and she still signs them Love Mom and Dad…my Dad died in 2010.

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