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24 Jul

About two Fridays ago, I went to Zoo Atlanta. I was so excited once I got there, that I nearly knocked  a kid over in the parking lot. My inner child was up and present. You know that inner child you suppress when you become an adult? It rises up at different times like when you’re with children, or at the circus, or at the height of an argument with someone and you’ve lost all sense of reasoning.  For me, it’s the zoo.

The sun was scorching that day but I didn’t care. There were animals to see and little information cards to read how extinct they were. Once I had my ticket and paper navigational system (my map), I was ready to go and couldn’t wait to get inside to begin my mini adventure in the concrete jungle.

 ticket map

Well, wasn’t I disappointed! Either it was too hot and unbearable for the animals to function, or they all decided to take siesta. Only the elephants were active.


The rest…

 lazy animals

I walked into a huge birdcage to look at the beautiful birds but once I saw this sign, I exited quickly.

 poo happens

I returned to take a picture of the sign just for you guys and ran back out again.

After seeing one animal too many taking their beauty nap, I decided I had enough and was going to exit the zoo to take my own nap. My inner child was cranky, tired, and wanted a slice of cheese pizza and a coke from Fellini’s Pizza.

Overall, I enjoyed seeing the animals even if I couldn’t get a great view of the King of the Jungle himself (his siesta was muy importante). I look forward to the day when I have children and can bring them here to experience it through their eyes.

And after my last slurp of coke and nibbles, I came to share my day with you on Marcia Scribbles.